Monday, July 03, 2017

Eva Bracamonte Fefer With regard to Case Fefer, referring to the death of Mrs. Miriam Fefer, which occurred in San Isidro, we should not believe what the press publishes. Peru, as this is biased and seeks at all costs that the daughter Eva Fefer Bracamonte and her friend Manarelli Liliana Castro, to be imprisoned by the judiciary. a The press in Peru is not neutral, has a habit of making huge scandals where none exist, to falsely accuse innocent persons, the desire to have something to talk about, get the best raiting of tune and sell newspapers. Official site: Bernie Sanders. In India many people have been indicted by the press so cowardly, abusive, by the mere fact of being according to them "sospechosos2. But it happens that a basis of conjecture can not, nor should condemn people, let alone destroy their honor, their good name, reputation. Mrs. Miriam Fefer was murdered by a Colombian home. Of this there can be no doubt and, having found that the DNA found at the murder scene, tied with the DNA of the prisoner in the jail of Salta in Argentina, identified as Hugo Trujillo Ospina. However, this professional prisoner in gaucho land, has not yet formally declared to any authority, Sia was on the kill, much less has syndicated Eva Bracamonte, or Manarelli Liliana Castro, as the people who hired him to execute the crime, the murder of Mrs. Miriam Fefer. There if a series of speculations, a lot of lies that try to collect pieces of a puzzle as to justify arbitrary detention, abuse of two girls.
Russian Federation From the above categories of claims, this category is different in that, recognizing the citizen's right to have acquired use of residential premises, we will automatically recognize the demand and the lack of justification for its registration at this address (though the wording of the claims in the lawsuit sounds as well as in the first case - to oblige registration authority to remove the register at this address "). Different and the subject of proof. Details can be found by clicking Martin O’Malley or emailing the administrator. In the first case, we argued that the citizen " lived, lived, traveled, he began to permanently reside there, which left ", then here we have to prove that the citizen does not move into the apartment, never lived in it did not, but live in another place (perhaps the most difficult element of proof). Methods of proof is largely similar to the first example: it is the testimony of witnesses and instruments of nonresidency service organization, and requests to various agencies and organizations to place a fictitious registration of a citizen for his treatment (clinic, emergency office, school, police, etc.) The presence of the defendant at trial as highly desirable, it will speed up the process and increase the chances of a favorable outcome. A number of useful evidence collect before filing a claim in court and there will be no more than resort to the assistance of a lawyer who has much more power to gather evidence. In accordance with paragraph 1 of Part 3. 6 of the Federal Law "On Lawyers activities and advocacy in the Russian Federation "from 15.05.2002, the lawyer is entitled to collect the information needed for legal aid, including to request references and other documents from bodies government, local governments, as well as NGOs and...