Monday, July 03, 2017

Marco Aldany Parade Madrid, 10/23/2009. a parade of high-flying is what Marco Aldany, the First Chain Hair & Beauty of Spain, will offer Friday October 23, EasyJet's hand. , The leading low cost airline in Europe. This is an unprecedented spectacle: the world's first fashion show held in an aerial flight to cover the Madrid-Paris route, in which celebrities and journalists to travel. a This action is the first time they organized in the entire history of aviation and around the globe and look forward to her surprise and delight those who join us en route to the French capital, says Marco Aldany, Artistic Director signature. AMay best destination for a flight with such style! In addition, passengers on that flight know absolutely nothing about what will happen during your trip so it will be very pleasantly surprised by the company. a So, those present at such unprecedented live event will see the new collection of hair to seal the latter Aldany collection is a bold gamble and full of contrasts. Our inspiration takes form from the excesses unpredictable volumes defying gravity, with effect strands carded Frise, and found strong fringes, parallel lines and latent asymmetries. Adds the brilliant stylist. Besides the icing so high will pass two beautiful familiar faces: Milene Domingues, wife of former footballer Ronaldo and Beatriz Trapote, current partner of Victor Janeiro. They are also actors in the pageant hairdresser on board, combed by Marco Aldany. a Aldany About Marco Marco Aldany, chain ownership of The Chic Corporation, is the leading company in Spain in the hairdressing sector. It currently has more than 400 operating rooms in our country, is also present in Central America and Portugal. More than 50 years of presence in the sector has given him the experience, structure and resources that allow you to mark...
Eva Bracamonte Fefer With regard to Case Fefer, referring to the death of Mrs. Miriam Fefer, which occurred in San Isidro, we should not believe what the press publishes. Peru, as this is biased and seeks at all costs that the daughter Eva Fefer Bracamonte and her friend Manarelli Liliana Castro, to be imprisoned by the judiciary. a The press in Peru is not neutral, has a habit of making huge scandals where none exist, to falsely accuse innocent persons, the desire to have something to talk about, get the best raiting of tune and sell newspapers. Official site: Bernie Sanders. In India many people have been indicted by the press so cowardly, abusive, by the mere fact of being according to them "sospechosos2. But it happens that a basis of conjecture can not, nor should condemn people, let alone destroy their honor, their good name, reputation. Mrs. Miriam Fefer was murdered by a Colombian home. Of this there can be no doubt and, having found that the DNA found at the murder scene, tied with the DNA of the prisoner in the jail of Salta in Argentina, identified as Hugo Trujillo Ospina. However, this professional prisoner in gaucho land, has not yet formally declared to any authority, Sia was on the kill, much less has syndicated Eva Bracamonte, or Manarelli Liliana Castro, as the people who hired him to execute the crime, the murder of Mrs. Miriam Fefer. There if a series of speculations, a lot of lies that try to collect pieces of a puzzle as to justify arbitrary detention, abuse of two girls.