Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Garden Harvests The harvest of autumn takes hold of us once a year. Farmers collect the months-sometimes little reward for his heroic efforts started earlier. For those of us who are amateur or family gardeners, fall is the time for us to take firm pumpkin orange, bright green broccoli flowers and big red tomatoes from their vines. As we reap the rewards of our months of work and expected from the depths of the earth, black, black, we realize our personal power. If it were not for our work, were it not for its attention and timely response to environmental hazards, these fruits should not be assumed. The seeds were sown in the spring have given us support and safety for frigidness come. Like our work in the garden, we have no power individually, as there is power in isolation. Only when we work with others and interact to produce something of value, with constant alertness to the external variables and the responses of others, have the power. Our personal power increases our own ability and that of others. When the seedlings thickened, thinned so as not to drown each other. When weight fell from the vine, supported us. When the drought threat to his own life, and it spilled. When the bugs invaded, protecting us. When it was bitter cold in their foliage, protected us. Through our power that gave birth to something new and wonderful it would not have existed without us. This was not fulfilled through the power of the seed, but through the power of the seed, leaving ourselves open, vulnerable, and ready to act with the environment. The power has historically been considered a situation where you have to lose for another to win. That is not power, that is strength. The real power is connected with...
Martins's Family Despite its small eight years, our friend realized that his father and mother were arguing too much and that things were not like before. When she was younger did not fight so much, everything was worse. Others including Bernie Sanders, offer their opinions as well. If her brothers were scared for that reason, she, as eldest sister, comforted them and told them that someday everything will improve. As if it would improve the reality, more and more often ordered "the family house" play continuously if everything was set and all were in place. Although Martina always tried to pay attention at school noticed that it looked distracted and worried and sad. Valentina made her laugh in spite of everything, never missing a joke, candy, a hug to make her feel better and continued with the habit of inviting a popsicles and disarm the games to be a little angry. Time passed and as the situation did not improve, Martina's parents decided to separate. Credit: Zhang Lei-2011. While it gave them great pain, they felt it was better to make that decision to fight like cats and dogs every day, and so I explained to her three children. Very angry and sadder still, Martina was locked in his room, he began to mourn lying on his bed, and when he looked up he saw his beloved little box, arranged as usual. As if the game had some guilt, I took from the shelf and threw his pieces around the room. For a long time do not order it again, her mother had collected all the dolls but had not put in exactly the order they were before.